About me

The ultimate method of communication is not via the media or as most people would assume, between individuals. It is, I believe, within each one of us! Each individual houses many levels and forms of communication, from cellular level through to our internal chemistry and even our own body language. Hello, my name is Nisha. Before I became drawn to this amazing world of holistic therapy, I was self-employed as a Business Consultant. Why the career move? Well, working sixteen hours a day, seven days a week took its toll on my health. So here I am…what better way to understand my own body and what it is trying to tell me, than to work with it?! As I have now become more aware of what my body is saying and the therapies that can be used to help my body heal, it has become my firm belief that it is when we ignore our own well-being that we leave our bodies with little choice, but to “shout”! Pain and other ailments, including emotional imbalances, in my opinion, are ways in which our bodies get our attention.

From my personal experiences of the benefits holistic therapies such as massage and Reiki and many more have to offer, I have decided to help other people on their path to holistic well-being. As a therapist I see myself as an assistant to each client’s inner healer. I strongly believe that I am my own greatest power and that I alone am responsible for my well-being as a whole. With this belief, I, using holistic therapies, wish to help people regain their balance as healthy individuals, so that they may experience the energy in being truly healthy and balanced.