Healing Birth Group

The birth of our children is a life long memory. It is a right of passage and the way we view the experience has a profound impact on our memories, but also on the relationship we will continue to have with our womanhood and transition to motherhood.

If you fear childbirth, you are not alone. There are many women and men who do. Maybe you have already birthed your baby, but the experience of giving birth has left you hurt and emotionally scarred. Sadly, this is a reality for many mums and dads.

The good news is that Healing Birth groups can help you in the ways that you need to move forward as an individual and as a couple. Through the use of practical activities based on concepts of Reiki, meditation and hypnotherapy, I help you to move through the emotional blocks you are facing and by doing this you will find your inner strength and heal.

I am a mum of two wonderful children and I have experienced the fear of birth and the emotional roller-coaster due to traumatic birth. This is why I started on my journey to be with women and their families as a Doula, then as a pregnancy and infant massage therapist. I have always found Reiki, meditation and hypnotherapy to be amazing methods of healing and achieving clarity, control and peace.

My two miracles

The groups are small and personal and you will find comfort in meeting people in similar situations. Please be assured that your privacy is assured and confidentiality is respected and maintained. This is why the methods used through Reiki and meditation are so successful, because they work without prying. You work through your emotions at your own pace. I simply guide you and listen when you need me to.

There is no limit to how many times you come. You will always be welcome. There are morning and evening groups.

Please do not suffer in silence. Call now for details and take the first step to overcoming your fears and healing the hurt.

Nisha x