Sports/Remedial Massage

What is Sports massage?


Sports massage uses Swedish massage movements and additional intensive techniques that are specifically designed to prevent and treat injuries.


How does it work?

Sports massage works to improve the suppleness and flexibility of muscles and joints, improve blood circulation, speed up the healing of damaged or stressed muscles, tissues and joints, and prevent future muscle and tendon injuries.


What is it good for?

Sports massage is good for releasing muscle tension and rebalancing the musculoskeletal system. It reduces strain and discomfort caused by training or participating in sport, and it encourages the body to heal and repair any injuries.


What are the benefits?

The main benefit of sports massage is that it improves muscle flexibility and assists the body with recovery and repair after injuries have been sustained.


What are the side effects?

Sports massage, although relaxing and soothing, can also be quite vigorous. If the client has muscle soreness the massage may, initially, cause some discomfort. This can last for up to 48 hours.