Upon reflection…


Wow! What a year this has been. The practice has moved to new premises and the nervous excitement of new adventures and challenges fills my quiet moments. My book is coming along nicely and I am at peace with myself.

As I look back over the last 12 months, there is so much I have learnt. It has been a year of massive personal growth and at times it has felt like an unstoppable roller-coaster, which I have come to accept, is the way the Universe teaches me my biggest lessons and I am grateful.

I have learnt about what truly makes me happy and what my soul desires. I have met some wonderful people and some whom I have been happy to release from my journey. Every interaction holds a valuable lesson, no matter how small, big, happy or sad. I have learnt that I am capable of trusting and loving unconditionally. I have also found that not everyone knows how to be loved and this still hurts my heart. I pray that they will find their lovability and worthiness one day. I have come to accept that being human and being spiritual is possible in both entireties. I have learnt that it is also ok to rest. It is good for the soul. It is essential. There is no guilt necessary. Sleep when you need to. Life will still be there waiting when you awake. Conformity is for clowns! If what you are doing genuinely makes your soul happy…that kind of happiness you feel when you think your heart will burst and you just want to love the world and all the uglys in it and you have no idea why and you don’t care…then do it! There is nothing in the Universe that says such happiness is not allowed. YOU are worthy. YOU…Yes YOU! Love exists in everything when it is within you….In rainbows, smiles from strangers, children’s laughter, the sound of rain, the feel of wind on your cheek…whatever you experience…see the love in it…even if opening your heart hurts…do it anyway…feel alive!!!

So, what else am I thankful for? My two little beauties are growing and blossoming into strong characters full of all the strengths I never had within me at their ages. This in itself is an achievement for them and for me too. I am determined for them to be well-equipped for whatever life will have to offer them. It has taken me all these years to learn what I am thankful they already know. We become what we believe, whether we like it or not. Sub-consciously, we do this. They know they are loveable, worthy, safe and whole. They will become what they believe.

I am eternally grateful for the challenges I have lived. They have been my greatest opportunities to grow, whilst healing and turning my core beliefs around. By doing this, I can nurture my children with greater awareness.

Who knew at the end of a year that threw up some of my most painful moments, I could feel so grateful and alive?! Whatever this next year brings…Take it on and let it hear you ROARRRR!!!

YOU are lovable, worthy, safe and whole. YOU…Yes YOU!

All my love,

Nisha xx


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